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SEPT 2013: Due to ongoing work on Bad Machinery volumes 2 and 3 for Oni Press, I will not be taking commissions until further notice.

You can see a gallery of some of my commissions here. Remember, I do fixed price pieces if you are looking for something individual for yourself as a gift for someone who likes my comics.


I will do work for hire! Whether you want a physical object to hang up on your wall or illustrations for publication, rest assured that I have been doing both for more than ten years.

Q. Aren't you too busy making comics to do commissions?
A. I am busy some of the time, but not always. I'm not as flexible as a freelance illustrator and may be harder to work with for that reason. Long term projects are usually out. But I endeavour to be professional and it never hurts to ask.

Q. What do you charge?
A. This depends on the difficulty of the piece and how busy I am. Please tell me the price you have in mind for what you want - I can only say "no" and if your expectations wildly exceed what you can get for the price, I will negotiate them down very gently.

Q. Will you design a tattoo for me?
A. Sorry, no.

Q. Can you do me a piece in the old Adobe Illustrator style?
A. I've got my Illustrator legs back of late but it's a longer job and will cost a bit more.

Q. I am poor with only two brass farthings to rub together. What can you do for me?
A. I offer a budget service for good souls who would like a little something. £6!

With those stern provisos, if you would like me to draw for you, for money, use the contact page or send me an email at:

and mark it "Commissions".