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Scary Go Round collections (LAST CHANCE!)

£7.50 - On Sale

Outside the UK? These collections, plus books 6 and 7, are available from Topatoco, shipping from the USA.

200+ pages, full colour, paperback.

Book 5 - "GREAT ACHES" - Collecting all the Scary Go Round comics from February 27th to December 22nd 2006 (with the exception of the "Big Broadcast" story), plus chapter commentary, new illustrations and a (don't) cut-out and keep 8-page mini-comic intro.

Contains: "Your Taxes At Work", "Beyond The Veil", "Big Ideas", "Giant Days" and "Aw Hell".


Book 8 - "RECKLESSLY YOURS" - Collecting the final Scary Go Round comics from September 8th 2008 to September 11th 2009, plus detailed chapter introductions, new illustrations and a sketchbook section with details of an apocalyptically awful alternative final story.

Contains: "Carrot vs Stick", "Extra Income", "The Estate", "Looking For Atlantis" and "Goodbye".